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Sulky Liam's Wonderbawl,,4-2004200987,00.html

WHAT a big baby LIAM GALLAGHER is.
The one-time Oasis hell-raiser trudged home in a huff after a bust-up with fiancée NICOLE APPLETON on a petrol station forecourt.

The pair were overheard shouting at each other near their North London home as they prepared to go out for a family lunch.

Former All Saint Nicole later threw him out of the car and made him walk home in the rain. Well done Nicole.

With his bottom lip firmly stuck out, a bearded and bedraggled Liam, whose hits include Wonderwall, sloped off home with a face like thunder.

He probably locked himself in his room to sulk for a few hours.

Meanwhile, Nicole, the couple's son Gene and mother-in-law Peggy went for a pub lunch with brother-in-law Paul Gallagher.

Some might say Liam should listen to some Oasis lyrics – Don't Look Back In Anger and Roll With It for starters.
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