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Aug 8 2004

Seething Shaz snubs ex pals

YOU'D think after three years of squabbling with her former All Saints bandmates that bride-to-be Shaznay Lewis could kiss and make up with Nicole and Natalie Appleton.

Think again ... Shaznay, 28, who has invited fourth band member Mel Blatt to her Ibiza hen party, has gone to great lengths to avoid bumping into sisters Nicole, 30, and Natalie, 31, who are also on the island.

So much so that, at the last minute, Shaznay pulled out of Radio 1's star-studded bash at Mambo's after hearing that Nic and Nat had also been invited.

A mole tells me: "Shaznay has no desire to bump into them. She wants to let her hair down and party with her friends - but not them. She did not want the Appletons celebrating her hen-night celebrations with her.

"Nicole and Natalie are not in the slightest bit worried about bumping into Shaznay. They have already buried the hatchet. But Shaznay is determined to keep well away from them for now."

Blonde Nicole didn't let it ruin her big night out. I can reveal that while Nat, who recently gave birth to son, Ace, decided not to go out, Nic headed to Mambo's with her pal, the telly host Kate Thornton. The girls knocked back bottles of booze and partied into the early hours with DJ, Emma B.

Nicole also boasted to pals how happy she is with her man, Liam Gallagher. Glad to hear it.

All Saints, who enjoyed mega success in their heyday, split in 2001. Like the Appletons, Shaznay has recently followed in their footsteps and released her debut album, Open. On top of that, she's set to tie the knot with long-term boyfriend, dancer Christian Storm.

Memo to Shaznay: Time to bury the hatchet, love.

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