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Liam: I will wed Nicole in working men's club

Wedding of the year?
... what their invite might look like

LIAM GALLAGHER plans to marry fiancée NICOLE APPLETON in a working men's club.

The multi-millionaire wildman fancies the Mild May Working Men's Club in North London for the big day — a venue normally associated with bingo and carpet bowls.

Classy ... the club is normally associated with bingo and carpet bowls

It even has a Stannah stairlift at the entrance to help less able customers in and out.

Liam says: "I love this place, I’m going to have my wedding here. It's absolutely brilliant."

The OASIS singer was at the club on Thursday with brother NOEL to see favourite new band THE STANDS.

The place was decked out in flock wallpaper, multi-coloured tinsel and a disco ball.

In fact all that was missing was a compere like Jerry St Clair from PETER KAY's C4 comedy Phoenix Nights.

The Mild May has been a working men's club for 115 years.

Oasis hired it out for a day last year to shoot the video for their single stop Crying Your Heart Out.

Irish manageress May Hagan warned the singer would have to hurry with his booking.

She told me: "Liam would be welcome to make a booking if this is where he wants to go — but we will need a date because things can get quite busy.

Wonder Hall ... the Mild May club's perfect for Liam

"Oasis filmed a video here last year and they hired it for the day.

"They said they would send me a video but I never got one. I still haven't seen it."

She added: "We normally have some real characters in here. I worked in a mental asylum before and I think some of the characters we get in here drinking should be locked up."

May will have to wait for the all important call — Liam and former ALL SAINT Nicole haven't set a date yet but are said to be thinking about early next year.

We have imagined what their wedding invitation might look like, above.

Around 200 people were at the Mild May's gig featuring Liverpool's The Stands and Mancunian outfit I AM KLOOT.

Snack ... Bombay mix

Both bands were excellent, with The Stands' brand of Merseybeat particularly impressive — sounding similar to THE CORAL with the same hypnotic, jangly guitar solos.

Liam said of The Stands: "This band are my mates and they are fucking brilliant. The music, it feels nice on my ears, you know what I mean."

Maybe they could play at the wedding — but I think Liam should run it by Nicole first.

In fact, I can't imagine she's wild about the prospect of tying the knot at the Mild May.
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