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From the Mirror

Snobby locals try to block Liam Gallagher's move to Berkshire mansion.

He's probably one of the richest men in the village but it looks like Liam Gallagher will miss out on the carol singers this year.
While well-heeled neighbours Wendy Craig, Chris Rea, Lorraine Kelly and Ulrika Jonsson will be welcome at the local festivities in Cookham Dean, Berkshire, Liam and his fiancee Nicole Appleton will be left to contemplate the bottom of a glass of mulled wine on their own. For it's been brought to our attention that locals in the sleepy village are desperate to keep out such an "unsavoury ilk" as Liam, who is buying a sprawling £1million mansion there.

And they have even had a meeting in the Jolly Sailor pub to discuss how to keep out Liam, Nicole, 28, and their two-year-old son Gene. One source who didn't want to be named ranted: "Liam's reputation speaks for itself - he's a very unsavoury character and we don't want his ilk in here.

"It sounds very snobby but we're proud of the people who live in the village - most are well-heeled and quiet - but Liam is a different proposition.

"There are a lot of leaders in their chosen field here and we bring up our children in a secure, safe environment. "He's still a musician and the rock and roll style never really leaves you. We don't want this rock crowd round for late night shenanigans - it won't do the area any good and the house prices are expensive. We want to keep things that way. Liam's exploits make every front page - the way he treats people. He and his lady friend both have awful reputations.

"I mean, she was engaged to that Robbie Williams for God's sake, what does that tell you? They just won't fit in.

"It's a charming old village with a church, three pubs and a great, small community. We're all very shocked."

Poor Liam. The 31-year-old "Our Kid" hasn't hit anyone in ages but it's still not good enough for these surly locals.

Another resident reveals: "I moved here to bring my kids up 20 years ago and it's a closed, upper-middle class community.

We don't want his kind burdening our small village. We have a lot of elderly residents and that will cause conflict."

But Hamptons estate agent Emma Harvey jumped to Liam's defence, claiming: "They were more polite than most."

Judging by the attitude of the villagers, we're inclined to agree.
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