sisterpsychosis (sisterpsychosis) wrote in nicandnat,

The Sun

Now we know what pop's hellraisers get up to on a rainy day.
Partying hard is clearly not on the agenda for LIAM GALLAGHER and LIAM HOWLETT. Once famed for their drinking and fighting, the pair seem to have turned over a new leaf and instead spent Sunday enjoying tea with the in-laws. They went with better halves NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON to the girls' parents. Thankfully there was at least a glimmer of bad behaviour when proud new dad Liam H made a rude gesture to a snapper. It's the first glimpse we've had of Nat and Prodigy star Liam H with three-week-old son Ace – he is in that carry-cot, honest. They were joined by Oasis wildman Liam G, Nicole and their son Gene, two, for a cosy cup of camomile.

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